Titanium Serving Spoon

Titanium Serving Spoon


The titanium serving spoon combines the aesthetics and craft of rugged, old school blacksmithing with the space-age properties of grade 2 pure titanium. Both the bowl and handle represents hours of hand forging. Faint and beautiful colors left behind from the heating and forging processes vary with each spoon. Hand-set copper rivets provide a traditional warmth against the otherworldly titanium patina.

Titanium is an ideal material for serious heirloom kitchen tools. Titanium is a poor conductor of heat, so even if you leave your spoon in a hot soup, the handle will remain cool to the touch. It’s virtually indestructible, so the beauty and utility can be enjoyed for many generations. Being half the weight of steel, it’s incredibly light for how strong and substantial it looks and feels.

Serves soups and dry dishes equally well. Made by hand to order in Virginia.
This spoon is approximately 14” long, with a 3.5” wide bowl.

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