Happy New Year + BIG CHANGES

Happy New Year! We had an absolutely crazy 2015 holiday season that left us both exhausted and energized for the new year. We ended our holiday orders madness early to do the Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle. After the craft fair, we gave ourselves a week off, splitting time between Seattle and Portland. Just before leaving for the show, we decided that we were ready for a life change. The SF bay area has been good to us. We've met some really cool people, seen amazing nature, eaten wonderful food, and drank gallons of trendy, small batch roasted third-wave coffee. 
On vacation, we thoroughly checked out the PNW, and for a few days afterwards, we really thought that PARK Woodshop would be moving to Portland. It's mellow, beautiful, fresh, and the weather seems perfect. After looking at the rent for apartments and shop space, though, we learned that the Portland area is undergoing a similar rent crisis as the bay area. Artists are being pushed out by skyrocketing rent. Cool neighborhoods are being overshadowed by huge, corporate apartment complexes trying to appear cool. Portland right now, as much as we loved the culture and people, is a difficult place to organically grow a small business. Leslie is also preparing to dedicate her time to a career in photography , so we're building two businesses! Based on the needs of both, as well as our own personal needs (we miss our family and friends!), we've decided to move back across the country to the Washington D.C. area! We're so excited to see everyone, and actually be able to spend some quality time with our loved ones. 
It certainly seems like things are constantly changing at PARK Woodshop. There will be a whole host of new challenges with setting up shop in a new place, making new connections, and trying to balance time with so many people we will want to spend time with, but we're having fun and learning so much along the way. We don't know where we'll end up, but we truly believe that the journey is more important than the destination, and we are eternally grateful for everyone who has helped and supported us! 
We also have some exciting new products in the shop for the new year, including some gorgeous walnut rolling pins and pie/cake servers! Check out the shop for details.

Wishing EVERYONE a Happy New Year, with love and gratitude,
Park + Leslie









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Our California Summer

1/We bought an 1977 diesel mercedes which we run on biodiesel.  We named it Mooncloud, and it will be our new chariot for hauling all our goods to craft shows! 

2/Park is making a small batch of one of a kind branch lamps, and working on a repeatable floor lamp. These will be available at our winter craft shows.

3/Kid's stools will be available in the shop.

4/We got a lathe and no longer make bowls only by hand carving. Hooray!


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Our spoons {and other kitchenware} are heirloom items, that should last your lifetime and be passed on to future generations, if kept well.

To clean your spoon simply rinse it with warm water and allow it to air dry. Avoid using harsh soaps, these strips the wood of its natural oils {which are naturally anti-bacterial}. If you need to disinfect use diluted vinegar or other organic cleaner. Never soak your spoon in water or any other liquid. Do not put your spoon in the dishwasher. Dishwashing cycles are not intended for wooden products.

If your spoon seems dry, apply spoon salve or coconut oil.

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Store #4

On Friday we dropped off spoons for to The Merchant Company, a really rad local makers store in Portland. We are so excited to have Park Woodshop spoons and spatulas in four stores in Maine! {Other stores listed below} As we continue to explore Maine, we are so grateful for the kindness of the people, the abundance of the maple syrup, and the changing leaves! Happy Autumn friends!

Leslie& Park

PWS now carried in-Rooted Earth-Square Root-Bittersweet Barn-The Merchant Company

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Bread & Puppet Inspiration

A little over a year ago Park and I were WWOOFing in Quebec. Meanwhile in Glover, Vermont our dear friend Sarah was living and working at Bread and Puppet. We had talked about coming to see her, but there was no way to contact her because they have no internet or cellphone reception there. We went hoping that it would work out... and it did. We had a tearful meeting across a field after we saw one of the most incredible and honest theater performances. We marveled at the puppets, the amount of people participating, and of course the bread and aioli they freely give after each performance. I laughed and cried. The work is serious. It deals with the paradoxical times we live in and points out the deep flaws in the happenings of the world today. 

Everything at Bread and Puppet is clever and simple. Park and I are particularly fond of the many prints that B&P makes and sells as "Cheap Art". B & P believe in Cheap Art- art for everyone. Park and I believe that too, and everything about B&P is an inspiration to us. We decided to drive three hours up last Sunday morning for the Ready Unready shows. We got there in just the knick of time..which seems to be a trend of mine. It was a much smaller show since the summer crowd has left, but it was still so beautiful and intimate. We wandered around the land afterward just soaking up the feeling. Although we felt the joy of being reunited with Vermont, we definitely missed our dear Sarah.

                                                                                               The B & P Cheap Art Bus

                                                                                              The B & P Cheap Art Bus

 Flora abounds...

Flora abounds...

 Cheap art print on the bus

Cheap art print on the bus

 The serenade of the Broken Sewing Machines

The serenade of the Broken Sewing Machines

Our walls have new meaning with Bread and Puppet works on them. They remind us of all that is good, and all we should be striving for. We have been inspired to start making woodblock prints, and will hopefully be able to share some with you soon!

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New Batch

Park just finished his first batch of spoons here in Maine! He has been working in the tiny tool shop on the farm. It's been a challenge, since he's used to making everything in our large college shop with lots of expensive tools and space. Nevertheless, he is working hard and teaching me along the way. These spoons will go into the Bittersweet Farm Store and Rooted Earth farm stand in Casco. Happy Monday!

                                                               -Leslie & Park

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Maine Land

PARK Woodshop has moved to Maine! PWS is a team of two: Park {pictured below} and me, Leslie. I got an incredible opportunity to work at an organic farm preschool, where we now live, and Park has the opportunity to work on PARK Woodshop completely full time {when not making pear apple blackberry jam, which he is currently doing}. We have fallen completely in love with Maine, its rocks and trees and lakes and people. This past weekend, we went to Moose Cave at Grafton Notch State Park. We climbed the incredible glacier-sculpted rocks, walked along the pines, and found treasures.

We found lots of shiny Mica - nature's glitter, and some adorable tiny green pinecones. 



On our way back, we collected wild apples for jam.

We lucked out and stopped at our favorite new farm stand Rooted Earth and got bushels of free pears which seriously helped our jammin. Even better, Rooted Earth will be carrying our spoons within the month! We are so grateful for this blessed journey and the goodness of this world!

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