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A perfect tool for stirring, sautéing, mixing, and creaming, this spatula was thoughtfully handcrafted to last for generations. We designed this spatula from the ground up with the help of a trained pastry chef. It features a uniquely curved handle which helps both when stirring stiff mixes and when used curve down to scrape along a frying pan. The hole in the ideally shaped paddle head provides for less resistance when stirring soupier mixes, and the carved ring makes for easy hanging storage near your stove or workspace. The Ideal Spatula is available in black walnut, hard maple, and red birch.

All PARK Woodshop spoons and spatulas are crafted, sanded, and oiled by Park, by hand. Each utensil undergoes 4 to 5 painstaking cycles of being soaked in water, dried in sunlight, and hand-sanded back to smooth before final oiling. This means that your PARK Woodshop utensil will not become rough and grainy after many uses, unlike store-bought wooden spoons which become uncomfortable and provide porous surfaces for bacteria to grow. 

Made-to-order in Oakland, CA. These spatulas are best for right-handed use, please specify if you need a left-handed spatula.

To have a name burned onto the handle of the spatula, select "name" under the Embellishment tab, then write the name you would like in the "Notes" area at checkout. Please contact me with inquiries about longer phrases or messages being burned onto the handle.

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