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This small child sized eating spoon is made from hard maple. We take extra care to make sure that there are no corners or edges on our eating spoons, so they are totally safe for sensitive mouths. At just over six inches in length, the kid's eating spoon is great for small hands, but also serves well for salt, sugar, or spices, and is exceptionally suited as an ice-cream-eating spoon for people of all ages.

We love the opportunity to add a woodburned embellishment to these spoons! Customizing your spoon is only an additional $6. Just select the emblem of your choice from the drop-down menu.

Black Swan Handmade spoons are made, sanded, and oiled by Park, by hand. Every spoon undergoes 4 cycles of being wet, dried, and sanded back to smooth before we treat it with our spoon salve. This means that your Black Swan Handmade spoon will not become rough and grainy after many uses, unlike store-bought wooden spoons which become uncomfortable and provide porous surfaces for bacteria to grow. This is especially important for eating spoons.

All of our products are made to order in Virginia and our current timeline is in the black announcement bar at the top of our page. 

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