May Short Osage Orange Serving Spoon

May Short Osage Orange Serving Spoon


This spoon is part of an ongoing series of one-of-a-kind pieces made from osage orange. Osage can be a difficult wood to find in large enough sizes, but it makes excellent kitchen tools and is exceptionally beautiful. I cut this myself from a log which was given to me by my uncle. He saved pieces from a wind-fallen osage tree which would have been burned.

Because of the inconsistency in sizing and grain in the wood, each of these spoons is unique in size and design. They all have been ebonized except for inside the bowl. This process involves using a safe dye made from iron and vinegar to react with the tannins naturally in the wood, leaving a darkened, smoky finish that really contrasts with the color of the osage when oiled. The ebonized finish can be expected to fade over time with exposure to light and moisture, but will develop into an aged patina unique to your spoon.

This is a stout, powerful osage spoon. At 9.5” long, it has over a 3” wide egg-shaped bowl large enough to scoop anything. The thick octagonal handle is extremely comfortable and complements the incredible grain in the bowl.

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