May Short Handle Titanium Spoon

May Short Handle Titanium Spoon


This is a short-handled version of our Titanium Serving Spoon. The bowl on this particular example is incredibly colorful from the many cycles of heating and shaping. Forged by hand, both the bowl and handle represent hours of work. Each part of the spoon has been heated, shaped, and polished multiple times.

Titanium is an ideal material for serious heirloom kitchen tools. Titanium is a poor conductor of heat, so even if you leave your spoon in a hot soup, the handle will remain cool to the touch. It’s virtually indestructible, so the beauty and utility can be enjoyed for many generations. Being half the weight of steel, it’s incredibly light for how strong and substantial it looks and feels.

Serves soups and dry dishes equally well.
This spoon is approximately 7.5” long, with a deep 3.25” wide bowl.

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