As a creator, Park loves to come up with new designs using a variety of materials. He is always making unique one-of-a-kind products for us to use in our home. We wanted a way to share his unique creations without adding them to our standard line of products, so we came up with our Spoon of the Season Club.

When you add this to your cart, you will receive four unique limited edition kitchen utensils- one during each season of 2019. These will vary in material (both wood and metal) and will be inspired by Park’s newest innovation. Our club is limited to 20 people, so each item will be a limited edition, not available in our shop. You will also receive an email for each season describing the process of creating that piece. This holiday give a gift to a loved one or yourself that will come not just once, but four times over the course of 2019.

The price of this club is the total cost of all four items. Instead of making each item the same price, this gives us the freedom to stretch the materials budget or size of any given season. The average value is $65 shipped for each season.

We are so grateful for the artistic freedom of making what inspires us, and by being a part of this club you will be supporting our experimentation and craft as artists.

The first item will be sent in March of 2019 for Spring. The spoons pictured here are examples of what Park has made in the past. What you will receive each season will be a completely new original, design.

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