Summer copper spoons var 1-3

Summer copper spoons var 1-3

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Three unique spoons for our summer sale.

Spoon 1 is on the left in the pictures. The handle was forged from brass, which we rarely use, and given a semi polished finish that’s smooth to the touch. Mated to the handle by two copper rivets is a tablespoon sized copper bowl hand shaped with our “river finish’ - a tricky hammering technique that leaves behind a texture reminiscent of flowing water. 6.25” long.

Spoon 2 is a unique coffee scoop featuring our river finish on the bowl. The handle is octagonally forged from thick mild steel and contrasts sharply with the copper bowl.

Spoon 3 is a handy eating spoon that combines forged titanium with a bronze bowl. The titanium shows beautiful colors left from hand forging. 6.25” long.

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