Summer reforged spoons

Summer reforged spoons

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Our Reforged series are spoons which began life as a much different spoon. I find these old spoons at thrift stores and purchase spoons that are unattractive but are made of thick enough stainless steel to have potential as a different utensil.

These two reforged spoons are made from two identical stainless steel table spoons found in a set. The donor utensils had very extravagant scroll patterns on the handle and an ungainly bowl shape. After extensive forging of the bowls and handles, I hand polished and reattached the pieces with two solid copper rivets. The finish on these spoons showcases the hammer blows from forging, highlighting traditional blacksmith aesthetic with the modern advantage of stainless steel that wont rust in your kitchen.

The short spoon is 7” long, with a 2” x 3” bowl.

The long spoon is 11” with a 2” x 2.5” bowl.

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