Park Swan started as a sculptor. He created large works in many mediums, but most commonly wood. He began to work intensely on his craft, and found that he wanted to create objects that would be used and loved, not just sitting on a wall or in a gallery. Park and his wife Leslie then started Park Woodshop, where Park designed kitchenware and made each piece by hand. As Park's unique style and product line evolved he found he wanted to incorporate more materials into his work, which gave way to the evolution from Park Woodshop into Black Swan Handmade.

At Black Swan Handmade everything is designed, tested, and made by Park  from start to finish. We feel it is our responsibility to provide ethical, American produced goods. From the copper sourcing to the domestic woods we use that are sustainably grown and harvested,  our process is all American. Like the Black Swan our process is rare. Our goal is to leave a small footprint, and provide top of the line products that are beautiful and will last for generations. 

The Black Swan Team is made up of Park, Leslie, and Maple Swan, who live in Virginia.