Maine Land

PARK Woodshop has moved to Maine! PWS is a team of two: Park {pictured below} and me, Leslie. I got an incredible opportunity to work at an organic farm preschool, where we now live, and Park has the opportunity to work on PARK Woodshop completely full time {when not making pear apple blackberry jam, which he is currently doing}. We have fallen completely in love with Maine, its rocks and trees and lakes and people. This past weekend, we went to Moose Cave at Grafton Notch State Park. We climbed the incredible glacier-sculpted rocks, walked along the pines, and found treasures.

We found lots of shiny Mica - nature's glitter, and some adorable tiny green pinecones. 



On our way back, we collected wild apples for jam.

We lucked out and stopped at our favorite new farm stand Rooted Earth and got bushels of free pears which seriously helped our jammin. Even better, Rooted Earth will be carrying our spoons within the month! We are so grateful for this blessed journey and the goodness of this world!

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