Happy New Year + BIG CHANGES

Happy New Year! We had an absolutely crazy 2015 holiday season that left us both exhausted and energized for the new year. We ended our holiday orders madness early to do the Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle. After the craft fair, we gave ourselves a week off, splitting time between Seattle and Portland. Just before leaving for the show, we decided that we were ready for a life change. The SF bay area has been good to us. We've met some really cool people, seen amazing nature, eaten wonderful food, and drank gallons of trendy, small batch roasted third-wave coffee. 
On vacation, we thoroughly checked out the PNW, and for a few days afterwards, we really thought that PARK Woodshop would be moving to Portland. It's mellow, beautiful, fresh, and the weather seems perfect. After looking at the rent for apartments and shop space, though, we learned that the Portland area is undergoing a similar rent crisis as the bay area. Artists are being pushed out by skyrocketing rent. Cool neighborhoods are being overshadowed by huge, corporate apartment complexes trying to appear cool. Portland right now, as much as we loved the culture and people, is a difficult place to organically grow a small business. Leslie is also preparing to dedicate her time to a career in photography , so we're building two businesses! Based on the needs of both, as well as our own personal needs (we miss our family and friends!), we've decided to move back across the country to the Washington D.C. area! We're so excited to see everyone, and actually be able to spend some quality time with our loved ones. 
It certainly seems like things are constantly changing at PARK Woodshop. There will be a whole host of new challenges with setting up shop in a new place, making new connections, and trying to balance time with so many people we will want to spend time with, but we're having fun and learning so much along the way. We don't know where we'll end up, but we truly believe that the journey is more important than the destination, and we are eternally grateful for everyone who has helped and supported us! 
We also have some exciting new products in the shop for the new year, including some gorgeous walnut rolling pins and pie/cake servers! Check out the shop for details.

Wishing EVERYONE a Happy New Year, with love and gratitude,
Park + Leslie